Thought School Experiment

Applications are now closed! Stay tuned for more updates. If you are still very keen, drop a line:

I’m conducting an experiment. I believe root of most problems in the world is broken education system. In school we never learned things that we should have learned. We were forced to memorise and reproduce them in exams. This might not be the most effective way to go about education.

I’m looking for ten volunteers who can dedicate some time every week for some learning. Think of it as a guided school for becoming better thinkers. We will try to improve creativity, critical thinking, decision making etc through the next 12 weeks.

The tentative start date is around 1st Jan 2021. But if you are interested you can already be part of the community and we can start learning together.

Ideal candidate will look like:

  • You are still in your university or early stage of your career
  • You have an appetite for self improvement
  • This is an experiment. In the end you might feel like it was a waste of time. But you are ready to take that risk.

Every week or two, we will learn some new topics together. Once or twice in a week, we will get on a group call to discuss what we learned and answer any questions you might have.

This is not for you:

  • If you have a lot(say more than 5 years) of work and life experience
  • If you cannot dedicate some time every week to learn together
  • This is not a paid program, but you will have to invest some time. If you have other commitments and priorities, or this might not be the right time – be considerate of others. (We only have a limited slots)