People. All that matters.

Recently, my mom noticed me smile while texting. That was also when I realised I smiled while texting my wife, even after all these years. I felt good. It also sent me down a thought rabbit hole. One combined with gratitude for the beautiful people in my life.

It reassured my already strong belief that people are what matters in my life. At least at this stage. People in my life are what make my life meaningful.

Different people have different preferences, and I’m glad I’ve identified mine. I have a good life. Better than I had imagined as a kid and a teenager. Many things make up my definition of a good life. Travel, my hobbies, financial independence, my job, where I live etc. But if I take my people away from that equation of life, everything else suddenly feels meaningless. There are things I enjoy in my life solely because I get to do that with my partner.

When someone asked on Twitter about “How to identify true love,” I responded with something like this – Imagine the day your biggest dream comes true. You have reached the summit. You have got everything you ever wanted. But the person you love is not there. How does that make you feel?

Choosing your partner is one of the highest-leverage decisions you will make. Don’t take it lightly. You can have everything else you dreamed of and still have an unhappy life with the wrong person. The reverse is also true. Having the right person with you makes the path beautiful. Not just the destination.

At least for me, none of my dreams would be meaningful if the people in my life weren’t there. I’m ambitious. I want to do epic things in my life.
All that is because I have the most crucial thing sorted out in my life. A good relationship. The best I could get. I would also prefer to chase my epic dreams along with the people I love.

Invest in people. Happy new year!

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