Agile development principles in daily life

This is a blog post on how I apply agile development principles in daily life to achieve certain goals. If you are not familiar with Agile development principles, you can read this. However, the knowledge of Agile methodologies is not necessary to understand this blog post. The area we are particularly looking at is Scrum. … Continue reading Agile development principles in daily life

Why I write: The Feynman Technique for learning

One of the reasons I started writing is to learn more. The Feynman technique was an inspiration for this. The Feynman Technique Richard Feynman was a theoretical Physicist. He won a Nobel prize for his contributions to quantum thermodynamics. In other words, he was a genius.  If you have a few minutes, listen to the … Continue reading Why I write: The Feynman Technique for learning

Practice vs deliberate practice

Something that you hear often is practice makes it perfect. It is only partially true. Mindless repetition is not deliberate practice. Yes, practice will help you do the exact thing you are practicing with perfection. That doesn’t mean that you are improving that skill. Legends are not born with greatness. It is developed over time. … Continue reading Practice vs deliberate practice